Episode 5: We Are Marshall

Over these last couple years, we heard a lot about the McConaissance. But it's important to remember that great rebirths only come out of true dark ages. For this week's Dumpster Dive, we wallowed far into the pre-sewage, Black Death-ridden, Bring-Out-Your-Dead era McConaughey.

We Are Marshall is a movie about grief, small town values, and football. But really, it's a movie about montages. A movie whose only villain is air travel. A movie that has McConaughey trading heavy-weight blows with Jack from Lost, Zoe Barnes from House of Cards, Betty Draper form Mad Men and Al Swearengen from Deadwood. This isn't a TV movie—it only feels that way.  (Note: near the end, there's a nugget about Bill Murray, head butting and a man named McG).

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